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Wherever or however you
intend to give birth, your
experience will impact
your emotions, your mind,
your body, and your spirit
for the rest of your life.  
- Ina May Gaskin
Birth Pool
Aquaborn Birth Pool Rental

Planning a home birth and looking for a birth pool?  
This wonderful asset is a gift to every mother during
birth and is even referred to as Mother Nature's

The Aquaborn by Eco Birth Pools provides all the
features you'll want for your wonderful waterbirth

                                                                  Features of the Aquaborn
                                                                                         >  1 Zip-in Liner & Outer Cover (non-
                                                                                         >  1 Liner for the interior (disposable)
                                                                                         >  Electric air pump (240v inflater/deflator)
                                                                                         >  Heat retaining lid
                                                                                         >  Submersible drainage pump (1000 lt/hr)
                                                                                         >  Faucet adapter     
                                                                                         >  Non-toxic 15m eco hose (for filling only)
                                                                                         >  Floating Turtle Thermometer
                                                                                         >  Pool storage bag for easy transport

The rental includes
Delivery & inflation of the Aquaborn Professional Birth Pool, (1) outer cover, (1)
non-disposable zip-in liner, (1) inflatable pool lid, (1) faucet adapter, (1) 120v electric air pump
for inflation, (1) floating thermometer, (1) 25 ft. non-toxic, lead free hose (for filling pool
only), (1) 792 gph submersible electric drain pump with 12 ft. cord, and (1) disposable interior
liner (not to be returned).  The renal fee is $200 as a stand alone service.  If combining birth
pool rental with another AHBS service then a $50 discount will be applied.

To inquire about availability please
contact me.
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