I am more and more
convinced that our
happiness or unhappiness
depends more on the way
we meet the events of life
than on the nature of those
events themselves.   
- Alexander Humboldt
Birth Pool
                     Local & Online Resources
                                ~ ~ ~ Pregnancy ~ ~ ~
Dr. Randy Zhang, L.Ac.                                                Dr. Ben Wilson
1800 N. Eastman Road, Ste. 2                                    East Texas Family Chiropractic
Longview, TX  75601                                                   3320 Troup Hwy., #240
(903) 757-0620                                                              
Tyler, TX 75701
&                                                                                          (903) 535-9355
5451 Troup Hwy.                                                            www.TylerChiro.com
Tyler, TX 75707
(903) 533-8500

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy
Natural Health Family Chiropractic
Dr. Ashley Feldman
126 W. Amherst
Tyler, TX 75701
(903) 617-6110
Webster Certified & Pediatric Certified                                                  

Family Focus Wellness Center                                    
Dr. David Adams, DC                                                    
101-B Woodbine Place                                                    
Longview, TX  75601                                                   
(903) 236-6222          
Webster Certified & Pediatric Certified                                                    

Dr. Campbell's Chirocare
Dr. Kyle Campbell, DC
1301 E. End Blvd. S., Ste. C
Marshall, TX  75670
(903) 938-9931
Webster Certified & Pediatric Certified                                                                        
 (Photo by Amy Davis)

Education (Know Your Rights!)
Childbirth Connection
~  Is your provider, or potential provider, mother friendly?
~  Is your midwife, or potential midwife, mother friendly?

The Rights of Childbearing Women

Insurance Information for Doula Services
Seeking Reimbursement from Insurance for Doula Expenses

Just for Fun
Pregnancy & Baby

Dr. Moz  
"Goodfather" gifts for the daddy-to-be and other good resources.

Nutrition  (The key to a great pregnancy!)
The Brewer Pregnancy Diet (The Brewer Pregnancy Diet for Vegans)
Nutrition is very important during pregnancy.  Your body is building another human and it has very
special needs during this time.  The above links will give you specific information on what you should be
including in your diet, on a daily basis, to give you and your baby the very best.

Positive Birth Tyler
Positive Birth is an international organization, made of up of local gatherings across the US and abroad.  
The local group is made up of women and couples who are expecting a baby, who have recently had a
baby, who have older children, and even couples who have never had a child before but want to begin
learning more about pregnancy and birth before they embark on the journey.  Gatherings are h
eld on
the first Thursday of every month in Tyler at Barnes & Noble cafe, at 6 pm.

Positive Birth Stories (a must for every expectant mother!)
Hypnobabies & Pregnancy, Babies and Birth

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Information:
Childbirth Connection & The Unnecesarean & International Cesarean Awareness Network (iCAN) &

ICAN of East Texas
More information to come.

                      ~ ~ ~  Birth  ~ ~ ~
Birth Support
Doulas of North America (DONA)

Know Your Rights!
National Conference of State Legislatures
A review of the laws supporting breastfeeding in the US
and state by state.

            ~ ~ ~  Postpartum  ~ ~ ~
Breastfeeding Support
La Leche League - Tyler

La Leche League - Nacogdoches

Online Breastfeeding Information & Support
Dr. Jack Newman Online
Breastfeeding Support & Information

Kellymom: Breastfeeding & Parenting

La Leche League International

A Breastfeeding Resource Marketplace

Best for Babes


Baby K'Tan Instructional Video

Family & Parenting Resources
Happiest Baby on the Block Classes
(903) 981-3206

Dr. Sears Website
Great website for pediatric advices.

Mothering Magazine
Great natural family centered online magazine.

Pathways to Family Wellness
A wonderful magazine dedicated to natural living and the health and wellbeing of your family.

The Attachment Parenting Book:  A Commonsense Guide to  Understanding and Nurturing Your Baby, by Dr.
William Sears &  Martha Sears

The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two, by The Sears

Milk Donation
Milk Share
Direct Family-to-Family Milk Donation

Mother to Mother Breastmilk Donation Program

Placenta Benefits

Postpartum Support
Postpartum Support International

A way to connected with other local moms without having to get out of the house (which can be difficult
in those first few weeks).

International Cesarean Awareness Network (iCAN)

                                      ~ ~ ~
Ancient Hearts Birth Services
~ Honoring the Beauty of Birth ~
~ Katherine Stanglin, CD(DONA), HCHI, HCHD ~
Hypnobabies Childbirth Educator & Hypno-Doula
Birth Doula (DONA)
Placenta Services
Professional Birth Pool & TENS Unit Rentals
(903) 570-6060