If a doula were a drug, it
would be unethical not to
use it.   
– John Kennell, M.D.
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          Hypnobabies Student Testimonials

Adryan & Nick (2nd baby) - When my husband and I first thought about using Hypnobabies for our
second birth, we were open to the idea but not really sure what to expect. We started our class with
Katherine towards the 2nd half of our pregnancy, and it was fantastic. I would highly recommend
hypnobabies, ESPECIALLY with Katherine, for anybody who's looking for a more confident, relaxed,
and peaceful birth experience. In fact, I would recommend it for anyone who wants a more stress-free
pregnancy! One of the best parts of taking hypnobabies going to class, and practicing our "home study",
which helped me to unwind at the end of the day, or to alleviate stress and anxiety during the week
from the normal day-to-day events associated with being large, pregnant, and raising a toddler. Our
second birth was an intense, 5 hour, AMAZING experience culminating in a 9 lb. 9 oz. baby girl, born
mostly in the birthing tub. It was an absolutely incredible experience i wouldn't change anything
about, and i greatly appreciate the calm confidence that our hypnobabies practice contributed to it.
Thanks Katherine :)

Angela & Travis ~ (1st baby) - I was surprised how much there was to the class than just the
hypnosis. I knew it was a full childbirth class but I was not expecting the positive affirmations and how
to protect yourself from negativity. It was wonderful. My husband and I were both very impressed with
the class and are looking forward to a wonderful Hypnobabies birth. Katherine was a wonderful
instructor who obviously believes what she is teaching. She's very knowledgeable and very easy to get
along with. I would highly recommend her!

Ashlea & Kirk ~ (2nd baby) - I can’t tell you enough about how wonderful our experience was with
Katherine teaching our private home session of Hypnobabies. Katherine is a wonderful instructor; she
not only has a wonderful command of the entire program but she also has an ability to directly relate
to your experience with her sweet, sincere and passionate demeanor. The Hypnobabies program was
the best investment I made in my birth experience! I highly recommend this program to anyone
looking for a pain-free, wonderful childbirth education class and birth experience. I think the private
lessons were so beneficial for me and my husband and I would advise anyone considering Hypnobabies
to spend the extra money for the convenience of being in your own home and having the class geared
directly on you and your experience. I can’t imagine what my birth experience would have been like
had we not learned about this incredible program and taken Katherine’s class. I had a pain-free,
vaginal birth to a beautiful 9 lb 1 oz baby girl.  
Read Ashlea's full birth story here.

Dana & Scott ~ (1st baby) - Our Hypnobabies class was great! Katherine was incredibly
knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher. We are looking forward to a calm and comfortable birth with
her help as our doula and Hypnobabies guide.

Amanda & Evan ~ (1st baby) - I was so certain that I wanted to do a Hypnobabies birth that I actually
contacted Katherine about starting her class before telling my closest friends that we were expecting!
Aside from wanting a peaceful, natural birth for our baby, I am quite scared of conventional forms of
anesthesia, so this seemed like a great option. Upon meeting Katherine, my husband and I immediately
felt a sense of calm that we would, in fact, have some working knowledge of pregnancy, childbirth and
related issues, in addition to the training in childbirth hypnosis. Thankfully, "some working
knowledge" turned out to be quite an understatement as Katherine left no questions unanswered and
spoke freely on even the most "uncomfortable" topics. Katherine's own inner peace about pregnancy and
the power of Hypnobabies lead me to my own mantra, constantly telling myself (and my husband....
and anyone who who listen!) that "I [am] going to be a birthing rockstar!" Thanks in part to Katherine's
classes and advice, that's just what I was!

Amy & Bryan ~ (4th baby) - For the birth of my 4th child, I wanted to do things differently.  I didn't
want a sterile hospital birth, and I was having trouble finding a provider that would allow a 2nd
VBAC.  I decided to use a midwife, and opted for a home birth.  Because of that, I knew I wouldn't even
have the option of pain medication, so I knew that I needed to do my research and find a way to deal
with the pain of natural childbirth.  I spent many hours researching online, and finally decided on
Hypnobabies.  I contacted Katherine, and we arranged a group class to start a few weeks later.  

When the classes began, I was honestly unsure how well it was going to work for me.  I had a hard time
with the hypnosis at first, and with my busy schedule with work and kids, I hardly had time to
practice.  But as the classes progressed, I could feel myself getting more comfortable with it all, and I
found that I was able to fit practice in at random times throughout the day that worked for me.

After having birthed 3 children already, I thought I knew it all.  I was so surprised by the things I didn't
realize as far as what all intertwined in the birthing process and how what might seem like a small
thing could actually end up being a major issue for both mom and baby.  I learned so much throughout
the class series that helped put my mind at ease once the big day arrived.  My husband was another
story.  He was very skeptical going into it, but by the end of the series he was a true believer.  He
learned so much about how to truly support me in childbirth and we connected in ways I never
dreamed we could.  

When the birthing day arrived, I was ready.  I remembered what I had learned in class and used my
skills to work through the process.  I truly feel like I could not have gotten through the birth without
my Hypnobabies.  I was able to relax and breathe, and instead of focusing on pain I focused on my
baby.  I talked to her and read her cues as to what to do next.  Addalyn was born without complications
in our home bathtub.  She was born without the use of any drugs or interventions and was healthy and
alert at birth because of it.  She was able to breastfeed immediately following her arrival.  Addalyn is
my first child to successfully nurse, and I know that Hypnobabies contributed to us getting off to that
great start.

Katherine was an amazing Hypnobabies instructor.  I truly felt like she wanted me to have the best
birthing experience I could have.  I felt like she cared as much about my birthing process as I did, and
that meant a lot to me.  She was patient with me when I was having trouble and reassured me that
eventually I would get it.  She really helped me to relax so that the hypnosis would come easier.

We are planning for more children in the future, and I know that Hypnobabies will be a big part of our
birth preparation.  I would recommend this class to anyone looking for a healthy alternative to
medications during childbirth, whether they plan to be in a hospital or not.  It may sound crazy (it did
to me at first) but I know it worked for me and it can work for you too.

And a few peer reviews...

Holly Shearman, CPM, West Houston Birth Center

Jackie Griggs, CNM, Bay Area Birth Center

Cole Deelah of Sage Beginnings Birth Services, doula, educator, & apprentice midwife.

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                 Birth Doula Testimonials
                                            (Read more testimonials at DoulaMatch.net.)

    Warrick's Birth ~ (Hypnobabies Birth Support)  "I cant begin to
    describe how wonderful it was to have Katherine as a doula and
    Hypnobabies coach during the pregnancy and Warrick’s birth!  Because of
    her instruction and support, we were able to feel confident and prepared for
    a natural childbirth, and to go through with that plan in spite of a few
    complications along the way.
    We opted to have the private classes with Katherine in our home, where we
    were most comfortable, and hoped to stay at home as long as possible during
    our birthing time, using Hypnobabies techniques.  When a few health
    issues changed our plan a little, and we were faced with an induction a few
    days before my due date, Katherine was right there to help us make the
    best decisions possible and to keep me calm and focused.  

Even the nurses and midwives at the hospital loved her!  During the induction and birthing time, we
had the Hypnobabies scripts playing out loud in the room, and with Katherine and my hubby’s
assistance, I used the techniques she had taught us to naturally welcome little Warrick Davis to the
world.  Afterward, the nurses said they couldn't believe how calm and composed I was, and that the
soothing Hypnobabies music and words were stuck in their heads!

We really owe this all to Katherine’s fantastic guidance and support.  I would recommend her to anyone
who wants to try a natural childbirth, or even if they opt for other methods.  Having a doula there to
support both me and my husband was the best thing we could have done for ourselves and our baby!"  
~ Dana    
Read Dana's full birth story here.

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Archer ~ (Hypnobabies Birth Support)  
"Katherine is so organized and informed.  She was and
continues to be a great source of information for me.  
And she was so calming and inspiring during our baby's
birth.  I walked into the hospital fully dilated - we had
just the birth we had planned and couldn't
have done it without her!"     ~ Pam

                                  ~ ~ ~
                                                        Cooper ~
(Birth Support)  "When my husband
                                                                              and first started discussing our birth plan, our                 
i                                                                               initial inclination was to do everything ourselves.  We
                                                                              wanted to keep the birthing experience between
                                                                              us, our doctor and our baby.  However, after
                                                                              speaking with a few women that had used
                                                                              doulas, we decided to consider using a doula as
                                                                              well.  When we first met Katherine, we instantly
                                                                              saw that she was dedicated to the cause of
                                                                              helping families to have the best birthing
                                                                              experience possible and helping to bring children
                                                                              into the world surrounded by love.  She is one of
                                                                              a handful of people I have met that I feel has
                                                                              truly found her calling.  When you work with Katherine, you
see that she is meant to be a doula, and she goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone's
experience is the best it can be.

We asked Katherine to come over to the house after I had been in labor a few hours.  As soon as she
arrived, she immediately started helping.  She was able to use different techniques that relieved some
of the pain and was able to include my husband throughout the process.  When my mood started to
sour, she reminded me that this journey would end in a beautiful baby and she helped me stay positive.

In addition to providing love and support, Katherine gave us a lot of valuable information before and
after the birth.  She was always very well organized for our meetings, communicated clearly and made
us feel more prepared for the birth of our baby.

I believe that our whole birthing experience was enhanced tremendously by Katherine's presence.  We
would love to have her help again during our second pregnancy and birth."  ~ Jennifer

                                ~ ~ ~
Zola ~ (Birth Support)  "I am convinced that in spite of the
tremendous love, support, and dedication our spouses, family and
friends provide during the labor and birth process - nothing
compares to the assistance a doula brings.  She is a healer of pain,
a wealth of emotional support, a source of womanly wisdom, and a
loyal friend focused on no one other than the laboring woman.  At
no other time in my life have I felt so pampered or special!

As our doula, Katherine permitted each member of our labor team
(including me) to more comfortably and calmly experience the
transformative experience of Zola's birth.  For example, my midwife
could communicate directly with Katherine when I was too busy
having contractions to explain what was happening.  My mother-in
-law could be there simply to help if we needed her.  And, with
Katherine in charge of my pain management, my sweet, patient
husband felt less pressured or powerless to alleviate my discomfort.  
Our dear husbands, no matter how hard they try, cannot relate or
comprehend the intensity of a process (birth) they will never know!

In addition to all this, Katherine even managed to snap a number of
amazing pictures after the birth, while my husband and I held and
swooned over our newborn daughter.  Looking back, I don't know what we would have done without
her!  I will be forever grateful to Katherine for the loving-kindness, guidance, and assistance she
provided at one of the most challenging and important times of my life.  I know she'll be one of the first
people we call when we become pregnant with baby #2!"   ~ Julie

                                 ~ ~ ~
Tessa ~ (Birth Support) "Katherine is very sensitive and responsive; she is very respectful of
mother's preferences.  She is a great resource for information and makes herself available for
consultation.  Great job!"  ~ Mary

"Katherine is very kind, a good support and I would recommend her for future pregnancies."     
~ Dr. LeAnn Haddock, OB/GYN
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